Throw back – thinking back

It has been a year since we left England behind to venture into a new life. This week, with the anniversary of sorts, I realized that I had never even looked at my pictures that I took of our last week in England. So dug them out, they were of course safely stored and in my Lightroom database. And on a couple of external Drobo/other back up disks. I don’t take risks with my memories. Not after the time I lost a folder with 60.000 photographs.
I ask myself today why I did not open the last weeks folder earlier. I guess I knew in my heart that it was going to be painful. And it is far better to avoid painful if you just moved to the other side of the world.
I snapped and I am giving you the pictures here as I shot them. Without processing. I am not sure if I want to zoom in and see too many details…
On my last day in England I went into town with my friend Madeline, and she showed me a couple of corners that I had never seen before. We went into the Turkish baths, the Harrogate Kursaal… How easy it is to live somewhere for 14 years and not have seen it all.
Talked to the lovely guy in the coffee store, having a wonderful latte and I vaguely remember some fruitie goodies… I know I tried frantically not to think “this is the last…”. For the longest time Madeline and I ended all emails and conversations and goodbyes with “See you next week”. And today I still choke up when I say it silently in my mind.
rriving at Leeds Bradford in the morning around five O’clock, we see Cornflake and Cathy at the parking… A healthy surprise, and I dare not ask myself what time they left home to meet us here… But it sure is nice to have a friend there to wave us off.
The England with the little pieces of divided land, tiny roads and buildings. Lots of green…
The England with the stately homes and castles… And boy did I see and visit a lot of those. You can live your whole life in England, visit a castle every week, and still not see them all. I am glad we visited them while we were living there.
A short touch down in Heathrow, getting on the big plane that will take us over the ocean… On route to new things. Without knowing what lies ahead. Exiting and scary at the same time.
It’s a calm semi sunny day. Little sheepy clouds over the waves, lovely shading on the water. It’s my thing, jumping in head first, without tasting the temperature of the water, and trying to stay afloat. It’s how I started my journey to the new country…

And I am still bobbing!


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Life changes

How a life can change. I went from the above and below to all the way down under. From Belgium to England. England Amerika, one way ticket. Next month will be a year after our big move. Being an expat is becoming me more and more. Only now and then do I have retrospective days where I browse through millions of photographs.


Pictures of Ireland, France, puffs, bread in Normandy, chocolate mice in Betty’s in Harrogate. The squirrel in our backyard in Ripon, North Yorkshire.


At first, glancing back into the past made me sad and I mourned. Translated into being extremely crabby and on some days dogonit miserable. I think I can say that this phase is officially over. I look at images from England now without choking up and wanting to go out and shout at a stranger. I can walk around grocery shopping in Albertsons without having my soul under my arm and tears in my eyes.


The jump from Belgium to England was a minor one compared to moving continents. And unlike people moving away from the old world to the new I had my container with stuff to follow me. There is comfort in bits and bobs from the past. As I get settled in more and more I can let go of things. And at the same time enjoy the pics I took in my previous life and seeing the old beauty.


What I have now is new beauty. Different then Belgium and Europe, sure, I feel lucky that I was able to swap lives. And I am double lucky that going back is still possible.


One has to find a new groove, happiness is not in status or an apple watch. Happiness is fitting in one’s best worn out jeans. Belgium was such a jean, England was the tapered version of that faithful denim, and now I am starting to fit into an even better fitting pair. Without having to lay down on the bed to get the darn thing zippered up.

Life is good and getting better. Woohzee… I take all that life is throwing at me, even curveballs.