The secret life of Bees…

A grand movie. That I can watch over and over again. Great characters, good acting, a nice story. All the ingredients for a good chick movie.
But I am not really talking about movies. I am working on my beekeeper’s quilt, and added a second jar with puffs onto it. The quilt is growing, it’s puffy and soft.
The kind of quilt that would have been a nice prop in the above mentioned movie…

I will be back!
Need to finish some Easter sharks!


Mono or rainbow?

Not sure about this one… As you all know by now I am knitting a beekeeper’s quilt. Nothing wrong with that. It’s supposed to be a knit up from wool leftovers, to clear the drawer with left overs from previous knitting lives. It’s supposed to be colorful. Mine is.
I am adding some of the wonderful Koigu yarns to my quilt, ordering them from Tall Yarns, fast service, friendly. And helpful. On top of all that, the lady is Dutch. How neat is it? Really? I can write in flemish to her and she understands it? Yep. A Belgian and a Dutchie find each other on opposite sides of England.
Over the last days I managed to fill up my puff jar, and decided to stitch some together. I don’t want to wait till puffs spill out of every drawer and cupboard of the house.
Seeing them all together poured out, I come to the realization that the quilt will be extremely colorful. Wondering if I should have stuck to 2 or 3 colours instead of tossing in all I have that matches from afar.
Eyeballing… that’s my color match procedure.
Chuffed to bits when my first 7 are tied together.
Little butterflies on the backside. wpid-300312piffties-8-2012-03-29-09-54.jpg
The hexagons are tied together at the mid-, top and bottom points. Nothing is visible on the front from the quilt tie binding method. I’m amazed at how well the blocks fit, and how sturdy the blanket will be.
I think I have some 30 puffs done and tied up, 330 to go. Better get on with it… Not one step closer to a decision. Multi color or mono-ish?
What do you think? After all, if I don’t like the finished project I can always give it to someone who does like mixed colours.

Thinking path nr 2: when we move to New Mexico, bright and rainbowy will be the message…

Thinking path nr 3: mono-ish can be more classy…


Maybe I need a referendum of some sorts.