Woolly photographs

Working on the last bits and bobs for my photography class on coming Saturday at Quillin Art Fibres. Exited but also a bit scared. It’s one thing to take snaps for oneself, but it’s another ball game to teach other people in a good and accessible way.
Phones have all been put through the cleaning routine, iPad got a little shine also. Neocolors are packed and ready.


Had a busy couple of weeks. With friends visiting and sightseeing tours in the area. So nice to show people around in my life. All is back to normal now, and while I miss the visitors, I can also look back on lovely moments. Internet friends came to life and became more real. Time to brush up blog again! Soon, very soon I will spill the beans on our adventures we had.

Talk later!


Perries and hogs

The Perries were here. And left. And I did not blog for a week. Too much going on, between visits and drives and dropping off George…
Last monday we picked up the Perries in Thirsk. Our meeting point was the local Tesco, and it worked. wpid-1Perries-1-2012-07-28-15-26.jpg

Perries swapped from the Joneses to the Lucasses.


We went separate ways after lunch in the Golden Fleece in Thirsk. British pub food. FIsh and chips, Steak and ale pie, hand cut rough chips…


Delicious is the right description. And I resisted the cherries at British prices. Remembering my bags and bags of them I ate in California.


From Thirsk we drove to the Walled garden at Norton Conyers. I felt like Ray and Marianne liked the garden as much as I do.
We had a chat with Lady Halina, and Ray felt the presence of his mom, often like I feel the presence of my dad and aunts when I am in heavenly places.
I had put on my macro lens, and went for it. The poppies now have giant seed heads, the pionees sadly enough have bloomed out when I was in California. The borders have exploded in full summer dress. Hard to describe the beauty in words…


Arrival day was also the day that little Tiggywinkle was going to move to the Rehabilitation Unit in Harrogate. Where Mrs Theresa Marshall takes care of hedgehogs full time. Besides a full time job outside of the house. How does one fit it all in?
I am proud to tell that George left us at the whopping weight of 116 grams. I found him at 85. So he grew without failing.


Marianne and George…


George in his new carrier/home/palace. He graduated from cardbox…


One last look in his eyes from my part…


Taken in by Mrs Marshall. Why was my heart aching?
We were also lucky enough to see the miracle of a two day old hedgelet, at feeding time. Both Marianne and me thought it was a true wonder.
The little one has to be fed every two hours, with a tiny bit of goats milk, warmed up to luke warm. One pipet at a time.


At two days the hedgelets are blind and deaf, the eyes still have to go open, and we can clearly see the ears on the side of the head.


Milk goes in, I swear I heard a burp…

And then the funniest thing I have seen in a long time… With a bit of baby oil Mrs Marshall touches the belly of the baby, in a reflex it spreads its two legs, and wee and poo come out on demand. Just as when mom would do the toilettery after dinner in the nest. I will leave you all with this image.
Nature and humans in total harmony, saving the planet one hedgehog at the time. (Mrs Marshall has 38 right now… What am I blabbing about my one?)


More about the Perries visiting in a next installment…
And this is Ray’s blog if you want the visit seen through his eyes…