Stock Photography

I am a free-lance photographer for:


Alamy. Find my stock images here:


Stockimo (mobile phone stock, part of Alamy)

To see the iphone collection on Stockimo, go to the Alamy page and use the search term “Stockimo Alamy subject” – example shows baby/newborn.
So far, Alamy has not released Stockimo for Android.





Find me on Instagram

Sales for my Instagram pictures are done directly by emailing me here.
My username on Instagram is photocat24




Contact me personally via










One thought on “Stock Photography

  1. Greetings,

    I am contacting you from Sunset Magazine. We would like to purchase one of your images for our Feb 2015 issue of the Singing Wind Bookshop. The image would run 1/4 page and our rate is $150. Please let me know if that rate works for you. If so, I’d love to get a hi res and an invoice. I also need to send you a w-9 as well.

    Thank you in advance. I am reachable at or 510-501-5577


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