Look, listen and learn

It’s not about the camera. It’s who’s behind the camera. You might not have a “real” camera. You might only have a smart phone. That’s OK. I can teach you how to take stunning photographs of your kids, grand kids, pets, husband, your hobbies. You might not have a camera at all, just a computer or a tablet. I want to show you how to use those to get “pictures/photographs”. Especially useful when families live abroad…


Photography is more about “seeing” then “looking”.


I can teach you how to look for the light, how light works in our favor or disadvantage. You will learn how to use doors, windows and the available light… I will show you to add color, or take color away for a starker image.


Photography is about relations. Sometimes a photograph is technically under par but one can still see the story and what was going on in the moment. Emotions. Fun. Mindful.


At times you don’t need to have the face, mom will know it is her four year old, with that special dress, on that occassion…


The most important thing in photography is seeing and make sure that the seen emotions gets captured. Manual, program, aperture and shutterspeed are merely spark plugs, brakes and alternators. I don’t know what or where the alternator sits in my car, yet I can drive it. Photography is the same. It’s ten percent technical and 90 percent people knowledge. If you know how to look at people, you can photograph them.


Daily life, at home, around the home, our town, our children, grandchildren… simple subjects. We will pick a moment in a day, I will step into your life with you,  and give you my one on one attention, and tell you how and when to press that button. I will go with you to your preferred printing station (Walmart, CVS, home computer) and show you how to get those lovely and important images in print.


Give it a try, you will like it! My price? $100 for a four hour session.


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