Happyness can be a Schlager

From the years 60. A schlager is a special kind of song. Mostly frowned upon, but hey, I like it. They are simple songs, good ritm, a bit of early Volendam Sound – another Dutch invention – AND they are perfect for performing chores. For one thing.
Besides chores the music is also good for a ride through the country side in England. I don’t see me cruising on I25 with Anneke Gronloh. And nothing like a bit of movemakingmuscleflexing along the way.
We had a bed that had to move to a friend’s house, so Jeepie got transformed in a matras mover. Which left me just enough room behind the wheel to not be able to breath in and out profoundly, because there was no room. 060511Phoon-13-2012-05-9-11-11.jpg
In order to be legal I attached a coloured flag to the back, hoping to avoid other cars crashing in to me. Yep, my favourite shawl.
Mr wonderful went ahead and I subduelly followed.
Dropped off the bed and went for tea in one of Masham’s small tearooms.
And how can I deny you all a glimpse in my fabulous matras moving life…
Being happy with a song… With a bit of a weird pronounciation: Sierra is said like Schhhierra which always makes me giggle…