Collecting stars

A birthday should maybe be named cupcake day. Sounds so much lovelier… If you ask me. The whole day was exceptional yesterday. A day with a star. When I was a kid, I held diaries and good days got an extra drawn star on the top of the page.
Life should be just that: collecting stars…
Part of my star day follows.
Sandra made me cupcakes! They tast as yummy as they look…
Sandra gave me chickens… with an egg inside with a little chick!
The Chinese restaurant found out about my birthday and I got the celebration treat: a balloon and an elephant and the whole restaurant looking at me and cheering and clapping and me being red as tomatosoup under all the attention….
My inside little kid was happy with the balloon. It now hangs happily against the ceiling in my hallway!
My sister gave me the much coveted Tim Holtz and My Mind’s Eye tapes and ribbons…
She also made me this gorgeous card…
My mom send me a card… Very british indeed…
My friend Cornflake gave me a card and a package of REAL BELGIAN CHOCOLATE!
And my friend Erna send me an Antwerpen-NewYork card.


How spoiled can one feel?

Repeat after me: LLLLOOOOOTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSS – because I also got a zillion wishes on facebook! I am happy!