I really should be packing

But I’m not. Leaving on Sunday and my suitcases are still empty and grinning at me. Horrible. Procrastinating till the last minute. I need a lot of pressure to get my suitcases done. This time I will try to travel light… Bwwaaahahahahahahaaaaaa. Normally I log myself silly.

There’s hope though: my friend Ingrid sent me a link and it is actually very actual – actually being the new stop word. How I hate stop words.

Without any further delay, here’s how I will pack, or at least try… Put the movie on slomo on iPad in the bedroom so I can follow…

Screenshot 2015-06-17 10.00.35


Fly as high as you can

And grab a window seat. I am home again after a fourteen day stay in California. More about that visit in a later post. I want to share some shots from my flight between Sacramento and Los Angeles. Flying over California the whole time, early in the morning, when the sun is not yet out completely.


I had gotten up at five in the morning, which in my book is in the middle of the night. So I kind of sat swoozing on the plane, until all of a sudden I noticed a familiar view. I thought I recognized Half Dome. A rock cut in half billions of years ago by a gletsjer, and I saw the very recognizable face of El Capitan. The nose like piece of rock in Yosemite National Park. All of a sudden I felt very much alive.


Whenever mountains pop up and I can glance at them from a distance I get all weary inside. The Sierra Nevada range is no exception. Should you want to know a little more about the Sierra go to this Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sierra_Nevada_(U.S.)



It’s almost a shame to not look outside and bury oneself in a book, imagine flying over beauty like that and not see it. Lucky for me there are people who do not like a window seat, and I get very crossed when I don’t have one. I usually can work it to find a good seat, away from the wing. One learns. I am not that frequent of a flyer, but I do try to look ahead and plan whether I want to sit right or left, and how far back in the plane. Another advantage of sitting towards the back is that you get food and drinks sooner. All adding up…


The morning gets out of bed bit by bit, and haze clears slowly. You don’t have much control over the shooting conditions, and cloud cover can mess up a trip. I prefer open skies with open views of below.


Now and then we get signs of life, and notice that we are not the only plane in the vast skies.


Soon enough we will see more sign of human presence, as the lands beneath us get chopped up in squares and dots, agriculture enters the picture.
We slowly start our decent to the Los Angeles airport, and I hope to see the Hollywood Sign. Little things like that lighten up my life.

And the reason I was in California was to shoot a live birth. A new human coming into the world. Standing next to the doctor and watch how a tiny human wurms his way into this life and my heart…
Later on!