Goodmorning Sunshine

Another day of packing ahead. I am catching my breath. Watching packers pack is a breeze. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken us to pack it all ourselves.


I took a drive to Pateley Bridge yesterday to pick up a frame at the framers. I needed it back or it would not have made the boxes. And while we are leaving next week, I am enjoying the nicest views still. I have always loved the North Yorkshire scenery. I will take it with me, the memories.


A small wave to the fake butcher in the High Street.


I smiled at him many times, every week I drove to my drawing class and he stood there, with his chopping knife. His mustache nicely curled. On the way back home I spot some blooming heather. I will try to make one more drive up on the Moors around Pateley.


Besides plants, trees and walls, I also have enjoyed horses on the road. Nothing like it. Smiling people on smiling horses.


Closer to home, in the meadow that we look over from our living room or kitchen, there’s the sheep.


I love them. I fed them some old bread yesterday, and some veggies that had to go out of the fridge. They flocked like only sheep can.


They loved the apples too. Pushed each other out of the way as it is not easy for a sheep to nibble on a piece of rolling fruit. They managed in the end. Bread, apples, carrots and a lost lettuce are gone in two minutes. When I make a sudden movement they all run. Silly beasts…


We filled the squirrel feeders for a last time. The squirrels can go nuts on those for a couple of days and will have to find their own food again from now on.


By four o’clock in the afternoon yesterday the books were closed, packers left with only the kitchen and scrap room left for today. I packed my packrat. Moose is my friend for my granddaughters Skype chats.


And from our hotel room in Harrogate I can see the town. Beautiful city. Another load of nice memories…



On the other side the Majestic hotel, with its royal tourets. And all the green in the center of Harrogate. It was my home for 13 years.
Tomorrow is load-that-container day!
We are ready for it…


Packers pack, wacko’s wack

The wacko’s did it again. Another beheading. They must love it. The fear and the powerlessness of their victims. In the name of religion everything is possible. They want the whole world to tremble for them.

I am having a coffee in the Morissons, while quickly reading the news. Before I head home to wait for the packers.

A latte to make me forget the horror in other parts of the world.
We did get to your hotel last night at nine in the evening. With four suitcases. All the rest of our stuff will be packed in a container. Computers and back up systems were wrapped in bubbles. All gone.

After two hours bedroom and living room have been packed. That is SOME serious packing going on. Even the furniture gets the treatment. We will leave the house tonight with huge white packs in the rooms. From now on we have to start making sure that we still will have a chair to sit on.


There is a system in the madness. I vaguely remember me moving in Belgium, trying to gather enough banana cartons, who once filled were way to heavy to easily log around. Then the struggle to get enough help to get from one house to the other. It had to be costless because there was hardly any money.


I like the corporate way of moving. Just watching them pack, as if they had some wonder potion.


They brought everything, tape, boxes, large plastic sheet, two men doing the work of ten in my eyes. Hardly any time for coffee or a rest. They want to get on with things because they are afraid of falling into a little slack moment.


I see all my little precious things disappearing in the insides of brown paper. And this is only the living room. When I go take a look in the bedroom I am shocked. It’s all in boxes. No more bed. Where, what, how… Those guys are amazing.


I am very confident that all my trinkets will come out as they went in. I am happy. Stressless packing for now. We will do this. It will all be allright in the end.
The desert and the new house are coming closer… Light at the end of the tunnel.