Just a normal female. Sometimes sweet, mostly crabby. NHS will kill me before it cures me. I am “watching” – Always…

My motto: “A simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches.” – Alice Roosevelt Longworth

When I am hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, am I being lazy?
Nope, I am ripening

photography, photography and photography. Books about photography. Tutorials about photography. Photoshop CS, Digital camera’s
Favorite Movies
The Sandlot Kids
Ken Burns “The civil War”
Ken Burn’s “The West”

Favorite Music
Beethoven to Roy Black
Robert Long
Mink Willy Deville and 10.000 others
Favorite Books
Photoshop down and dirty tricks by Scott Kelby.
I grew up in a bookstore, give me any book and I will read it

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I enjoyed your write up on your Trampas visit. I am granddaughter to Juan Lopez (mayordomo in John Collier’s pictures). I value our community and very active in the upkeep of our beautiful church.

  2. Hi there! I’m not sure you will remember me – we met at a hotel, somewhere along a path that covered my trip from Montana to California to Texas and back to Montana! Not sure, really, where we bumped into one another – other than at a hotel and, as I find pretty much the normal, it was not me who was the conversation starter, but my partner, the Australian Labradoodle named Bullet who is not only an allergen alert service dog (a peanut detector!) but also has magic when it comes to kids who have autism, men who have PTSD (no women as of yet!), and other people hurting. You gave me your card – I promptly lost it – and it has been recovered. So, I visited your website and am charmed! Just wanted to say “hello” and apologize for my delay in doing so!!


  3. Hi You took some photos of military canoeists on the canal in Ripon the other day. You will recall that a number of the group chatted with you as the students were being taught techniques and you handed over your website details. I cannot see them on your website yet and would be interested in getting hold of copies.
    Thanks Nick

  4. Hello my name is Roberta MAES Baker and I came across a blog of yours while researching my family. Back in 2012 you traveled to a small town called Lincoln New Mexico made famous by Billy the Kid. You had taken a picture of my grandparents Roman and Theodora MAES’S head stone in the 100 year old cemetary. The house that was across from the courthouse along with the dance hall and saloon (La Paloma Bar) all the way to the Curry Saloon belonged to them. I am not sure how my ancestors from Belgium arrived here but I am well on my way of finding it out, It might suprize you that in upper New Mexico around Sante Fe and all around Colorado there are alot of Maes’s. Some spell it with a Z instead of an S but I am sure we are all related…. I am hoping that one day soon I will be able to take my family to Belgium to see where we originated from. Keep taking those wonderful pictures.
    Roberta MAES Baker

  5. Just to let you know that Tikka the Somali cat did eventually find a new home in Hertfordshire with me and my husband and 2 Shubunkin goldfish (one of which is very poorly at the moment so please keep your fingers crossed for him.)
    Paul drove Tikka down to us on her 6th birthday on Good Friday 2009 and she took to the place straight away, even though it was very different from Stean. We moved last year to Cambridgeshire so that Tikka could live even more freely. We now live on a farm with only 4 properties and 12 people in total. Tikka loves to hunt anything that moves – baby rabbits, stoats, mice, shrews, partridges, blackbirds… you name it she’ll have a go at catching it. She is a very happy , albeit serious, little cat. She will be 10 years old next March, but shows no signs of slowing down yet.

  6. Dear,
    I passed through your page because I saw a photo of a colleague of mine. I work as a carriage driver in Bruges.
    I read your post about not being sure you like the horses to be working all day in town, breathing the fumes of the cars. I did continue to where was written that you felt that our horses were better off than some horses in other cities.
    I wonder though, if you spoke to any of the drivers asking them about the life of our horses? Bruges’ carriage horses don’t work close to all day – every day. In summer they work half a day then get two complete days off. In winter they work a full day (if you can call standing on market square waiting for customers working) then get four or five days off (depeding on the company). I can of course write anything I want to… But had you asked the drivers, they could have shown you all the documents that prove how many horses we have per carriage…
    If we didn’t love horses, we wouldn’t be doing the job we do.
    Hoping that my message might change how you feel about our respect for horses.

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