Celebrating life

Is the main emotion when around happy music and happy people. When Latino’s are involved, one can be sure to have fun. I loved all the dancing and swirling and singing over the weekend in my happy place Mesilla.
It was as if the people were happy with me, and were feasting in the honor of my being here for a whole year already. I have honestly no idea where the days went. And some of those past days were very long and ugly. Being homesick for England was a major thing to get over. No way had I seen that coming!
I still have to be careful when watching some of my oscar winning movies of me driving around in the British country side. Can’t do too much of those or my mood swaps to blue. I want to stay orange… Mesilla was a truly happy spot, with the local school children dancing their little hearts out. In 90 degrees weather. 30 Degrees for Europeans.
I was barely moving and felt sweat running over my back. Shooting in 30 degrees is bad enough!
The Plaza was packed. Ice cream vendors racked golden profits. The music filled every corner. Parents and grandparents around the plaza, gleaming with pride looking at their grandsons and/or granddaughters.
I thought about my granddaughters in Belgium, and how proud I would feel should I see them performing on a any festive occasion. A wonderful day that left my heart filled with warmth and good feelings.  


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4 thoughts on “Celebrating life

  1. Seeing today’s blog, I’m wondering how similar your feelings last year are to those at that festival; is America home, or Mexico? The little ones born and raised here no nothing else, but what about those grandparents? And do they miss the country that was, a place in which they do not choose to live but celebrate so vibrantly? Maybe once your Spanish gets rolling, you might find sentiments amoung them much like yours….

    The colours make me giddy; what a great place to be! :D

  2. You get the colors for you and I get the food for me! I think if I had had that day in Mesilla for the festival I might have had a color overload headache. Tropical colors are too much for me which is one reason why I live in the temperate zone. Given a choice, which I haven’t been given, I take the UK colors – with a periodic dose of the Mediterranean vim. Chacun a son gout.

  3. These are stunning, Cat, you captured the dancers and their colorful costumes brilliantly, I feel like I’m there!!

  4. I don’t blame you for missing England. But just think of all the experiences and cultures you’re soaking up. And of course you are thinking about that! ;) Love this. Love the spirit of celebration and the traditions in the Latino culture! I really should take photos of my Dia de los Muertos dining room to show you sometime. ;)

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