A year in the life

Not talking about the tv series here… Although I have been looking for that series for 15 years now. I had it on video tape, but with the move to England lost them. It was my every fall to look at series… Sarah Jessica Parker in a big role, before she really got known. Great acting in this family movie where the mom dies in an accident, and how the family recovers bit by bit.

What I am talking about is the fact that yesterday a year ago we were flying from UK to USA. The start of a new life, for the second time leaving everything behind to go look for new horizons. As prepared as I was and how badly I wanted to get here, it still took a year before I really found a new groove. The first months were very rough. It got a little better when my things arrived in our container. But Christmas last year brought me to breaking point.

Now, a year later, and having gone back to Belgium and UK once, I am finding that New Mexico has become my new home. I fit in, have been accepted, building new friendships. Thinking about friends and family in UK and Belgium a lot.

For a Spanish influence and Mariachi lover I have fallen in the right nest. Last weekend we had the Mexico Independence festivities in Mesilla. Wonderful to be there and look, watch and learn. My Spanish classes have started now, so hopefully I will pick up enough to talk to the locals… ;o)))




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2 thoughts on “A year in the life

  1. Oh he was hilarious! A little mariachi in training… :D

    Moving takes time and adjusting to a move takes even longer. Where has this past year gone? But it has, and now we’re learning new things, seeing life with more seasoned eyes, but not too spicy, hee hee. Congrats on making it through, y me gusta mucho tu clases de espanol!

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