Woolly photographs

Working on the last bits and bobs for my photography class on coming Saturday at Quillin Art Fibres. Exited but also a bit scared. It’s one thing to take snaps for oneself, but it’s another ball game to teach other people in a good and accessible way.
Phones have all been put through the cleaning routine, iPad got a little shine also. Neocolors are packed and ready.


Had a busy couple of weeks. With friends visiting and sightseeing tours in the area. So nice to show people around in my life. All is back to normal now, and while I miss the visitors, I can also look back on lovely moments. Internet friends came to life and became more real. Time to brush up blog again! Soon, very soon I will spill the beans on our adventures we had.

Talk later!

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5 thoughts on “Woolly photographs

  1. You (and Mr.W) were wonderful hosts and as far as your teaching ability…you are GREAT! I learned many things about my iPhone and more ‘trucs’ for the Mac. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch you shine!

  2. I know you’ll do a wonderful job teaching others about photography, enjoy the experience!

  3. Thanks ladies. I am sure that being the teacher will be a great learning experience for me also. We are never done learning. And all teachers were students at one point in time.

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