Minions on the rise

It’s that time. Where I see granniebabies on Skype. We are in for some lousy photographs, but hey, it’s not about technicality, it’s about emotions and memories. So I will gladly take the bad photographs over anything else in my world.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 10.57.19
When my computer makes the known Skype sound I jump forward to discover one minion. Mia and her mom trickle into my living room. Mia asks to talk to Other Oma, and that warms my heart. I am happy that her mom takes the time out to Skype, so we can have an update on what is going on in their lives.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 10.59.28

Soon enough Minion 2 arrives in my viewing area, the excitement steps up a notch. Two minions have a lot to tell me, all I have to do is sit and listen.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 11.00.49

They must be melting in their minion suits. It’s a full dress up thing, the last days of the summer holidays in Belgium. Next week Nona will go to the “big” school, where she will learn to read and write. Hard to believe that she will be six next month!

Screenshot 2015-08-21 11.03.49

And classical for her age, she lost a tooth. Another one is wiggling. Classical to have communion or spring fest photographs with teeth missing. I have no idea if the Tooth Fairy is in the picture in Belgian life.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 11.05.05

My heart flutters when I think of how much I miss of their lives, being a grannie abroad does not get easier. At least we do have our chats on Skype, and an itty bitty of catch up.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 11.09.28

The last screen dump is fairly representative of the girls. They laugh a lot and are happy happy happy. When they are happy I am. So simple. To end this post I am adding a flashback… 40 years ago!

IMG_3691 IMG_3756



More blogging on the way. Had a friend over for a visit and we were on a sightseeing mission! Soon!

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3 thoughts on “Minions on the rise

  1. Well this post just melts my heart, Cat, and the picture of you and your son just pushed me over the edge, welling up with tears here! So happy for you that such a thing as Skype exists and you can see your darling granddaughters half way around the world!

  2. Oh what beautiful granddaughters! I sure love that flashback shot, hee hee!

    And no, I can’t believe that Nona is 6, where has the time gone? They are tiny for just nano-seconds, then they are losing teeth and going to big school. Soon Nona and Oma can exchange letters; she could receive very exotic American postal stamps! :D

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