Life changes

How a life can change. I went from the above and below to all the way down under. From Belgium to England. England Amerika, one way ticket. Next month will be a year after our big move. Being an expat is becoming me more and more. Only now and then do I have retrospective days where I browse through millions of photographs.


Pictures of Ireland, France, puffs, bread in Normandy, chocolate mice in Betty’s in Harrogate. The squirrel in our backyard in Ripon, North Yorkshire.


At first, glancing back into the past made me sad and I mourned. Translated into being extremely crabby and on some days dogonit miserable. I think I can say that this phase is officially over. I look at images from England now without choking up and wanting to go out and shout at a stranger. I can walk around grocery shopping in Albertsons without having my soul under my arm and tears in my eyes.


The jump from Belgium to England was a minor one compared to moving continents. And unlike people moving away from the old world to the new I had my container with stuff to follow me. There is comfort in bits and bobs from the past. As I get settled in more and more I can let go of things. And at the same time enjoy the pics I took in my previous life and seeing the old beauty.


What I have now is new beauty. Different then Belgium and Europe, sure, I feel lucky that I was able to swap lives. And I am double lucky that going back is still possible.


One has to find a new groove, happiness is not in status or an apple watch. Happiness is fitting in one’s best worn out jeans. Belgium was such a jean, England was the tapered version of that faithful denim, and now I am starting to fit into an even better fitting pair. Without having to lay down on the bed to get the darn thing zippered up.

Life is good and getting better. Woohzee… I take all that life is throwing at me, even curveballs.

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6 thoughts on “Life changes

  1. Such processes we undergo, sometimes in bits, sometimes in massive chunks. It’s important to let ourselves take these changes however is necessary, and I love your denim analogy! Let those younger struggle with getting those jeans zippered. It’s time for us to wear the perfect fit! :D

  2. It does take time to resettle, not just the body, but the soul.

    My coming (back) to the US had not been my choice, but I had so many changes at that time that I was treading water for a while. Then one day, I saw the autumn light by the Chesapeake Bay and realized, I had a home that was truly mine. Living where I wanted because I wanted. Your UK photos have always reminded me of the beauty of the past, when I was young and really didn’t appreciate what I had and where I was. That’s the poignancy of it.

    Wherever ‘we is’ and whatever it is, is how it’s supposed to be. That’s the joy of being in the present. But it sure is hard to remember at times.

  3. Ja, een doorsnee leven heb jij niet, maar gelukkig ben je een kameleontype die zich overal aanpast en overal snel vrienden maakt….blij dat je grootste heimwee over is, ik heb dikwijls je droefheid gezien in je foto’s…dikke zoen en geniet van alles. Xx

  4. So happy that you are seeing the upside of this continent as I knew you would! Life brings changes and we need to savor them best we can. My life changed greatly about 5 weeks ago and I was reminded only yesterday that all the worry and sadness can be wiped away by a joyful face looking at a baby! Savor the sunny side and embrace life however it unfolds – thank you for the inspiration, Catherine!

  5. I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling better, Cat, embracing your new life and coming to peace at having left the old one. You deserve mountains of happiness, and I’m so glad you’ve found them ;)

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