Friggin freezing!

Are we in Arizona? It does not look or feel like it. I just asked for more blankets for our bed because last night I was like a sausage in the freezer section. Not good. Too cold.


The North East wind cuts right through us. I run to be inside, camera is on non active for now, as I am not going out in that snappy cold. If I wanted an arctic holiday I would have picked Antartica. We are in Arizona and I want sun. NOW.

In Phoenix just before we left for Sierra Vista, I had the pleasure of finding a hummingbird. The poor beastie hopefully has an insulated nest!

We drove down to Tucson – I tried to call you Christine but had your old number so could not reach you – can you send me your number? We can then maybe meet up when we get back on our way to Phoenix…

I fall in love all over again with the mountains of the South West. It does not matter how many times I take the road between Phoenix and Tucson, I always marvel when the first mountains pop up.

Whatever doubt I might have in England about being homesick once we move to the South West is blown to dust when I enter the desert areas.
Yesterday I had tears in my eyes again. Looking away from Mr Wonderful because I don’t know how to explain my love for this region and the feeling of coming home.

The saguarro’s have grown, not much, slow growing, the way nature nurtures plants and animals in this hostile environment is a true mystery. Picacho Peak pulls. We stop for five minutes in the visitor center, and I admire a gila monster. Looking very real, but clay in fact. Well done. I could have been fooled. A meeting with those big lizards is not to be taken lightly as they are very poisonous. wpid-140113PHOSV-84-2013-01-15-10-47.jpg

Live and let live, when you see one, admire him or her and then run. Don’t pet it!
Tucson is left behind as we go on 90. Straight towards Fort Huachuca. Sierra Vista is the next stop. Mr Wonderful his mom lives there, and it is our stop before driving on to Las Cruces.

I am giving the new camera a work out. And I am very pleased with how the images come out. The blog does not do them justice, as I have to make them really small, if you look at the original, the detail is unbelievable…
Maybe we will be able to visit Fort Huachuca today. Has been on my to visit list for the longest time.
Home of the Blip.
More later. Now I need to brave the cold and go look for a lunch place…

All is well in Arizona, I am where I want to be. Will be back. Life is good!

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7 thoughts on “Friggin freezing!

  1. Ha, Catherine, I have been busy worrying about pipes, plants and dogs – way to cold for us! Not to worry numbers on the way!

  2. zucht…ik zou daar bij jou willen zijn als ik die foto’s zie…i p v hier achter mijn computerke met buiten een dik pak sneeuw…ik hoop dat we, eens jullie ginder wonen, echt eens kunnen afkomen, en alles met eigen ogen zien…. geniet ervan!!! Liefs, M

  3. Ah, my son spent some time at the Fort about 20 yrs ago. I took a photo of the sign for Sierra Vista for him on our trip last year.

  4. Hate to tell you but here in Las Cruces this morning when I checked we were 25 degrees. the sun is out. See you two tomorrow

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