Cereal boxes to upcycle here

Mr Wonderful has been trained. He knows now to not toss any box of any kind in the stack for the recycling center. Recycling happens in the house now. Fiddling becomes environment friendly. More or less. And since the fabric is from sample books, the whole is pretty wallet friendly as well.
Dismantling the box gives me a perfect ready made inside for a book. If I need a smaller spine, I cut the spine of the box in half and tape it up. Vwalla… Ready to go.
The light cardboard is perfect to stitch through.
Don’t tell anybody, but the innards of the Blue Book cover – yes, that is the name: The Blue Book – is the box of Mrs Stouffer Lasagna. Large. We had it on tuesday night. Hmmm, might be too much information.
Today I will gather-hunt for signatures material.
The itty bitty 7×5 ish landscape book has Uncle Ben’s Rice inside its cover, boil in bag. For those of you who really want to know.
You can browse the inside of the Rice book here.

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5 thoughts on “Cereal boxes to upcycle here

  1. Mooi, je “little green book”! Ik ga je idee overnemen om die dozen te recycleren: pizzadozen kunnen op die manier leuke scrapboeken worden! Bedankt voor de inspiratie, liefs, M

  2. That’s brilliant to keep the boxes intact and have the spine built right in!!
    I just might have to make one of these today!

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