En route for the Island

A new morning. A new dawn. Seahouses is slowly waking up. A lot of pale pink in the sky. Peace and calm. Don’t think I ever saw that stretch of sea so quiet.


My Island waves at me. The white tower, the small chapel. I will rediscover it all today.


Time to pick up our pre-ordered tickets at the Billy Shiel boot. I wonder if I see a slightly disturbing sight in the distance: fret. The difference between fret and normal mist is the colour: fret is brown. Don’t ask me why as I can not find an answer to that one online. You will have to take my word for it.


The first boat is going out already, looking like divers. Who knows. For now, we are waiting in the harbour till our boat leaves, admiring people and animals.
3 Eider ducks are creching 11 little uns. They splash and splatter, true water artists.


A fisher man tells me that female eiders without eggs and babies team up with the mothers who are blessed with off spring, and they take care of the chicks together. Nature is smart.
More people waiting for a boat…


Too bad that you have to sneak children into photography in England. No time to carefully frame and look for the right light, so many parents are totally paranoid. And what more adorable subjects can one have then a kid doing a kiddie thing.


It’s our turn to be turned into sardines, trying to squeeze people in on the boat. I have a suspicious eye on the brown band in the distance.
Glad we are at least out on sea and on our way, wondering if fret will come between us and the Arctic terns.


Our goal is slowly approaching.


I am standing in the back of the boat, Mr wonderful has a seat, bless his little soul. How lucky am I that he is always content to make me happy and travel with me to see yet another aquatic bird on a small island in front of the coast.



Seals in the vicinity. Bald headed fat blobs. Question marks all over their faces, some pups already. White and cute.


Today is a good day for the seal population of the Farne Islands. Big smiles!
Puffins are coming closer, it always amazes me how they get their fat little bodies out of the water back into the air.


Puffins ahead… and let me tell you, don’t use a tele lens while on the water, even with a calm sea like today, the boat moves and ruins a lot of photographs with a bit of movement blurr. Drives me nuts. I see a few people with a 500 mm lens, and I wonder how they get sharp photo’s. I ask one about it and he assures me that his are sharp. Well, darn it, mine aren’t… Not while on the water. I should have used my 85mm and a fast shutter speed. The wisdom always comes after the dead.


Guillemots I believe, sharp or not sharp, I want to share anyway…


The above two clung to the slippery almost vertical wall of the island, beautiful birds.
On top of the cliff, a little ballet.


And I try to ignore the brown band in the sky behind the lighthouse… Hard to keep up the ignoring, as without a doubt, fret is on our heels.


In a span of minutes the band is rising up from the sea and coming our way! Will we get to the Island?


Don’t know…

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3 thoughts on “En route for the Island

  1. Don’t fret about the fret, Catherine, still very cooling to see the sea, birds and seals! I can almost smell it!

  2. i’m reading this on my lunch break.
    and i wanna go to an island and make friends with a puffin and then have a lovely small picnic on the beach….

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