Queenie Fest in Ripon

I took the bus this morning. Does not happen often. I had the bus driver move that bus and take me to the Market Square. For a whole day a place of fun. I walked around for a bit, talked to people, shared in the happiness, had an iced latte, and came back home. On the bus back.
The photograph of the black and white pup is a bit of a question. They found this lovely animal by its own this morning. A sweetie pie happy with each bit of attention he got. Tonight he is going to the RSCPA… If you know this doggie or want a dog, let me know… He did have a collar, so I suspect that he escaped his home, I promised to do my best to get him a new or his old home back…
Enjoy the other Queenie fest pics. Tomorrow life will be back to normal.
I will have pics from Seahouses!


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2 thoughts on “Queenie Fest in Ripon

  1. The media does talk about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee here but your pictures really tell the story.
    And I don’t know what the Birstwith Show is but it’s going to be on my birthday!

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