Happyness can be a Schlager

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From the years 60. A schlager is a special kind of song. Mostly frowned upon, but hey, I like it. They are simple songs, good ritm, a bit of early Volendam Sound – another Dutch invention – AND they are perfect for performing chores. For one thing.
Besides chores the music is also good for a ride through the country side in England. I don’t see me cruising on I25 with Anneke Gronloh. And nothing like a bit of movemakingmuscleflexing along the way.
We had a bed that had to move to a friend’s house, so Jeepie got transformed in a matras mover. Which left me just enough room behind the wheel to not be able to breath in and out profoundly, because there was no room. 060511Phoon-13-2012-05-9-11-11.jpg
In order to be legal I attached a coloured flag to the back, hoping to avoid other cars crashing in to me. Yep, my favourite shawl.
Mr wonderful went ahead and I subduelly followed.
Dropped off the bed and went for tea in one of Masham’s small tearooms.
And how can I deny you all a glimpse in my fabulous matras moving life…
Being happy with a song… With a bit of a weird pronounciation: Sierra is said like Schhhierra which always makes me giggle…

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  1. Pam
    9 May ’12

    Oh, Cat, you crack me up! Love the video!

  2. Christine
    11 May ’12


  3. Ingrid
    11 May ’12

    Oooh Catherine!!!!!!

    Geweldig, de combinatie van nederlandstalige smartlap, jouw “happiness” en Aaron daar tussenin…. subliem!!!
    Dit MOET zelfs de grootste zwartkijker gelukkig maken :-)

  4. Katy
    13 May ’12

    Tee hee Love it Cat, you shall have to share like this more often :) xx

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