Back to the secret garden

This time with my camera. Call me a nuttah. I go nuts when I want to shoot without having the right lens. Because in my mind I know what lens I would want to use, picturing the effect. Without the right lens it’s about creativity and merely a giant plaster on a mini wound.
It was a hi-bi moment between Mr Wonderful, running in, grabbing the ever ready camera bag, and dashing back out yelling that I was going to be back at most an hour later. He was vacuuming. And I felt really bad. He should not vacuum… We moved a bed and his bird seed spoiled over the carpet, but that’s another story.

Back to the walled garden…
A greenhouse filled with poppy-ness and bliss. The flowers are an easy target. Not wiggling like out in the open on the softest breath of whispering winds.
Shooting a week earlier would have been better, the flowers are now on their last legs already. After a furious burst of spring bloom. They will go back into hiding till next spring. Having done what they are supposed to do: spilling odours and colour. The life goal of a poppy is streamlined and simple: bring joy!
And they do. I am on my own in the glass house. Smelling the warm slightly wet earth. A very special smell that I recall from my childhood when we visited my aunt. The one with the 8 children and a newborn (Moniekske) who passed away 3 weeks old – it always left a hole in her heart. She had greenhouses filled with azalea’s. The same mushy, fruitful, giving life and sustaining it smell that hung in our clothes as we went home. Back to the city.
Different colours: orange, red, white, pink and white. Thank the heavens for poppies.
Outside I find signs of human life…
Someone is working.
The Garden ladies. Weeding, planting, replanting, sweeping, more weeding…

Inside the Orangerie the cushion has been taken…

Nothing like a good nap after all the exploring in and around the walled garden…

Life is good and will get better even.
Fourteen days to go before the peonies will bloom!
I’ll be there!

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3 thoughts on “Back to the secret garden

  1. Hi me again, your colours are superb but they are not poppies I’m afraid, but Ranunculus, a type of buttercup believe it or not! See you when the peonies bloom :-)

  2. Wat een kleurenpracht!
    De bloemen zien er één voor één uit om van te snoepen, al zijn papavers blijkbaar héél giftig!
    Een waar genot om naar te kijken en met je te mogen meegenieten van al deze pracht!

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