Going West all the way…

The Valley. Phoenix Arizona is often referred to in local lingo “The Valley”. Flying in by day you can see why. Mountains all around, different chains, some gigantic boulders, others a true range, the bottom of the valley is flat and low down.
GPS has meant my freedom in and around Phoenix. The first years, when I travelled there with Mr Wonderful, I could not imagine driving around by myself. Now, 10 years later, I venture out and in. Giving in a name and off I go. Surrounded by greyish mountains dotted with big Sagguarros. wpid-2502129013_Snapseed-2012-02-26-10-32.jpg
Some of them one long continued stick format, others branching out with arms pointing to the sky. The iconic image of the Wild West. Before getting there one has to leave the city first.
Leaving built up areas with bold colors.
Leaving down town Phoenix with a mix of old and new.
Pretending to be on my way to Los Angeles. I am not, I need to follow direction West…
I’m on my way to Wickenburg. Small town America, where men, horses and cattle are a norm of their own.
I like the sound in my mind: Wick-un-burg…

Getting there! There’s room in my car, hop in and buckle up.

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