A star book on a star day

In Art from the Heart. Harrogate. Next to Harrogate College. Almost. It was where I landed on thursday morning for another class. I know and realize that I am a happy dudess. Mr Wonderful likes to see me happy, and a class is happy, so he treats me with enough classes to keep me happy for the coming five years. Sort of…

On the agenda for the day was a small book, adorned with bits and pieces, stars, a dream book. With windows, so we could see our dreams for the future as well. There is something to say for themed classes.

Dina Wakeley is American teacher and artiste, and bless her, from Glendale. Where my brother in law lives. Funny, you meet someone from the other side of the world, and it turns out that you have seen the same things and same places. Me, the belgian can talk Phoenix Valley like nothing. Who would ever have thunk?

And the combination of her and Diane Raveley is sparkling. Two nuts together making a palm tree. Said in a loving way.

I know we will have a splendid day. It will be messy, chaos, wet, colored, loud, and I totally dig it. Bring on the fun.

I know that normally I try to take some snippets of movie, to give my blog readers a feel of how it went, but due to some nitwits who abuse the system, people who only want to share a bit of fun are now punished too and can’t video record… Therefore I only have a tiny tiny bit. But might be just enough to let you all know that it WAS a great day.

A little snippet of Dina Wakeley

Art journalers are a crazy bunch, they are food for my soul. I love it when grownups are in touch with their inner child, and one thing is sure: creativity really makes people happy. It’s a scientific fact.

The nice thing about Diane’s classes is that you can use all the stuff in the class room, no need to bring yer own things. And we got fed too. The hot kettle is on standby the whole day, so you can tap in to coffee or tea to desire. All little itty bitty things that help make a success of the day.

The paint is omni present, bottles, sprays, Dylusions, stamps… It does not take long before hands are all but flesh color.

And it takes about a week to get the last bits of paint from under nails and out of hair…

There’s a lot of smacking

paint brushes dipped in alchemist solutions

dying of muslin and cheese cloth…

wonderful colour shades and combinations
















Hairs color chatter and modelling

By noon, it would be hard for a dog to find her pups in the room…

It all started of decent and in order.

It ended with mountains of “stuff” over the tables and around us.



A break to go get food… and yes, those are all stamps and paints in the background. Art from the Heart has anything any art journaler might ever need.

A couple of cooking ladies made us the most wonderful lasagna and pasta dishes. With desert on top. Yummy…

The books get folded, scored, bound, cut, painted and beautified… What a day…



Way too soon the time is up, we have to pack and leave. And none of us wants to. But we have to.

I loved this class, and hope to do many more.

Thanks Diane and Dina and fellow art journalers for the lovely day!

All that I have left to do is finish my little book and think about what to add to it. I still have a couple of dreams left next to all my dreams that already got filled in…Not much, but a couple! Small ones. My big ones have come true already. I know… I am a lucky gal!



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