Bad selves…

I was reading Ms Moon her blog yesterday, as I do every day. I do get an automatic update on her blog and I love her words.
She has a way of writing that appeals a lot, I often chuckle. She has the same love for all that has to do with religion as I have. And she is a grandmaw.
We share some things. Living in Florida, where it is hot and humid, we live a world part apart. Yet we do have a connection through words.
Last week I had been working on another art journal page. I finished it off but needed words. And the words came to me yesterday.
Ms Moon wrote exactly what I needed.
I was able to finish off the page, and her words were and are perfect for me. I too have a bad selve, and I do need to go on wid mine.
A copy of the page went to Ms Moon. And to my big surprise she liked it and used the page on her blog. You can find the blog here.
It made my day.
Funny how people who have never met in real life can find a connection, all by a thin thread: the internet.
It was extremely satisfying to be able to shut up my inner critic for five seconds because someone else thought I did something good.
Ms Moon was happy and I was happy. Still am today.

Thank you Ms Moon, for your words. Keep writing! We need you.

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7 thoughts on “Bad selves…

  1. Thanks ladies… I find that this color combo works extremely well. It’s so much fun to go find color matches, and it has never been easier to do that with our internet connection.
    Thanks for the comments, they make me feel warm and fuzzy. ;o))

  2. funny, I’ve been working with the same colours on a journal page – aren’t they a wonderful combination. love your page – great quirky character with the bird on her head and the words definitely strike a chord. off to visit Ms Moon! lol

  3. wat is dat toch met die lastige “inner critics”? Kan je ze niet voor eens en altijd het zwijgen opleggen met een hartgrondig en oprecht gemeend ” shut up!!!” ? Liefs, M

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