Mojo has left the building


It’s real, I am missing in action. My blog is critically ill. I don’t seem to find the motivation to blog, or to work on photographs. Not that there is lack of action in my life…
I guess it is just the moving. The mourning, the leaving behind, the accepting the new life and the new way of life.
People following me on Instagram know that I am shooting on a daily base, colorful and bright. Bread is baked, bananabread comes out of the oven smelling like bananas. My granniebabies skype me and I can take a couple of screendumps so I can enjoy them when not online. I am looking at clouds and admiring the sometimes heavy laden skies of the American South West.
Dog training is still in full swing, a never ending project.
Sock drawer is slowly getting filled up.
Will I ever go back to blogging? I don’t know. My groupies keep asking me, but Mojo has left the building.
Being a “double” expat having left my second homeland behind to start over in a third homeland, new friendships, new road maps, new streets, stores and views, it might be better to just shut down the blog operation for a while and dealing with the absent Mojo.
It’s not that rare to move from one side of the world to the other. Military families do it every two years. Don’t ask me how they do it. Packing up kids, family, belongings to jump oceans and settle down over and over again. Every friggin two years.

If you happen to meet my Mojo, tell her that she can come back at her pace, and I will probably start blogging again when I am ready for it. It might take a while longer though.

Life is good, the sun shines often and a Belgian-UK trip is coming up.
Maybe I’ll bump into Mojo in Belgium.
For now Instagram and facebook are the only updated webspots.

Mojo come back! You are needed…


A golden band aid…


Ridiculous! Ridiculous! Ridiculous…

Before moving to the States, I had heard cowboy stories about health care… Way too soon I found out that the cowboy stories are not nearly strong enough to cover the real load.
My first eye opening experience with Covenant Las Cruces, Lohman was as follows.
I was killing time for two hours in the designated waiting area together with other families, children, grownups… The movie on screen was about a dying child. It had cancer and the doctors could not save it. Eugh, excuse me? That is SO NOT the stuff I want to see in a doctors office. I walked straight up to the desk and told them to change the channel.

I was in there for a simple note – a prescription – for medication that I do need to take, the doctor saw me for five minutes so I could explain what medication I needed and off I went. Asking at the counter how much the bill was and they waved “nothing maam”. I thought O hec, that’s good, why do I hear all those horror stories?

3 Weeks later my husband got a bill for 200 dollar. I nearly fainted. Because I had been back in for a second prescription, I am not the best with prescriptions obviously.
I have to state that 200 dollar for a prescription visit angers me beyond words. I could do a lot of photography things with that amount.

Yesterday I accompanied a friend to Urgent Care on Lohman, she needed a bandaid. Literally. One bandaid, and we wanted the doctor to look at the wound to be sure.
My friend is very sick and has problems sitting on chairs. The desk lady told us that in no way we could be taken first. Triage is probably an unknown word in that office…
She also told us in the same gasp of breath that the bill was going to be 375 dollar. WHAT???? SAY AGAIN, I must have misunderstood you.

Why? Because they can.
It’s the only explanation I have.

I asked the girl if it was a golden band aid, and whether they had a darts disk on the wall with darts to aim closest to the bulls eye…

A bandaid must be the bulls eye…

My friend has health insurance per rato of 600 dollar a month, but you better not need a bandaid because that will cost you a rib out of your body… Which might be another bullseye…

I followed up on this discussion in front of the whole waiting room, because I wanted everyone to hear what was said. I wondered how many people were in there without insurance, as a lot of americans can not afford insurance. They’d better not get sick.

Yesterday was also the day that I myself cashed out 1500 dollar for a crown, since our 700 dollar health insurance a month does not cover dental. Dentist is out of your own piggy bank. The crown came upon a root canal priced at 800. Healthcare talks in the States sound like farmers talking about their small potatoes.

One could of course wonder about the insurance companies. Who really benefits from those absurd pricing wars? Gambling on insurance companies.

It means that right now I am coughing my lungs out but no way am I going to go to Urgent care like I would do in Belgium or UK… Walgreens will have to do. I might pick the wrong coughing syrup but no way am I setting one foot in that urgent care again. Guess that’s what a lot of Americans do, they don’t go to the doctor when they should. Can’t afford it!

What’s next in the land of the brave and the free?