This is where the control vanished…

Posted by on Sep 1, 2014 in Las Cruces New Mexico | 9 Comments

OK, it’s official. One more night in our house in England, tomorrow we will sleep in a hotel. It’s monday morning the first of September 2014. The house is a mess. I mean a true mess. All of a sudden I see dust everywhere. And I feel the urge to clean. Which is of no […]

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The last

Our last two days in our house. We move to a hotel in Harrogate on tuesday, only to come back home for the packers and the ultimate clean up. I need to make sure that “the LAST” does not become too overwhelming. You can’t go through life registering all the lasts or firsts. I try […]

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The hardest goodbye

Posted by on Aug 26, 2014 in Belgium | 10 Comments

17 Days to go. We are floating in sort of a vacuum. Bodies in England, minds between Belgium and USA, 50.000 different emotions in one day. Exitement, joy, scary, unsure, why, who, when, how will life unfold. Am I taking the right decision… I look into the eyes of my granddaughters and wonder if it […]

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Keep clear

Of emotional melt downs when moving internationally. One of my commenting friends mentioned my mind being all over the place, and it is. A mini meltdown is lurking around ever corner. Therefore I try hard to stay focused on tasks at hand. Yesterday was Zuki moving day. Several reasons played in our decision to have […]

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Pre move acrobatics, 32 days to go

Still no packers in sight. Breath, breath, breath. Comforting myself with the sayings of other people telling us that often the moving caravan starts 30 days in advance. Two more days to go then. We now have officially 32 days to go. The house is silently beginning to show Organisational Tendencies. When the stress levels […]

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When in doubt: look at cows

Some Zen was needed this week. Something really simple. So I could remind myself that all I really need is to keep breathing… Breathing, nothing more, nothing less. Breath and go with the – now to death used sentence – flow. First I snapped Fizz, tiny dog, big personality. I wished I could take him […]

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