I really should be packing

But I’m not. Leaving on Sunday and my suitcases are still empty and grinning at me. Horrible. Procrastinating till the last minute. I need a lot of pressure to get my suitcases done. This time I will try to travel light… Bwwaaahahahahahahaaaaaa. Normally I log myself silly.

There’s hope though: my friend Ingrid sent me a link and it is actually very actual – actually being the new stop word. How I hate stop words.

Without any further delay, here’s how I will pack, or at least try… Put the movie on slomo on iPad in the bedroom so I can follow…

Screenshot 2015-06-17 10.00.35


Woolly goodness once more

Yesterday, sunday, the day of the sun. The day maybe to worship the sun. My sun is in a little woolstore in downtown Las Cruces. Maybe not downtown but the older part of the city. I drive through old established streets with Pepe Aguilar on my ipod and my chest is too small for all that happiness. There is one spot that I hit daily, the street going down, with the mountains straight ahead. I never get tired of it. Yes, I have stopped there 2786 times already to take another photograph. How many photographs can one have from one view? Many!


Different every day, ever changing cloud scapes, and the mountains have their own personality. My mountains… That’s how I call them in my mind. So yesterday I was on my way to the knitting store. My happy place in my new life. Yes, it’s still new. I am more or less adapted, semi American, but my semi Belgian side still needs a lot of people and something to do craft wise.


Right now I am doing a heel class. I love knitting socks, but wanted to get some extra help for the heels. That is what we do on sunday afternoon: learning how to do the tricky part of the socks. An 8 weeks workshop, I will miss two while I am in Belgium, but that’s OK. I will catch up later. Soothing is the correct word to describe sitting around the table with 9 other women, all with our needles and wool, counting and swearing… Well, the swearing is mostly from my side, and I swear in Dutch, nobody can understand me anyway.


The owner Dedri is happy because a huge spinning wheel came in, restored by the gentleman with the green T-shirt, and I sadly enough do not have his name. Essential Lucas, essential… He found the wheel, it was ready to be chopped up and burned, so he saved it from a gruesome death by fire. He lovingly took it apart and back together, oiled it all over, a nice piece of kit. Pure American Oak. It runs very smoothly.


Looking at it closer you clearly see someone put a lot of love in it. The way the parts are curved, or have insets, two of the parts have thread, all very intricate and a labor of love for sure. It takes a special carpenter to do this.



Besides the giant wheel a couple of hand spinners are on the table. And when I go in close with my macro a new world opens. It’s as if you can see dreams forming, the roving will turn into thread. Magic happens.


I finish with my heel of the day and continue my Potter scarf. Want to finish it before I go to Belgium, but since I leave on Sunday that might be too much of a task. I have things to do this week: packing, packing, more packing. And the ultimate goal is to travel light. A bit hard when you need camera gear and phones and tablets and batteries and cables and lenses… And a bit of clothes. If all goes well I will be in Amsterdam next week around this time, strolling the Canals with Hetty. Yippee… Six more nights before the big trip!

Life is good!