Skype to the rescue

For granniebabies abroad. Or Grannies abroad. Yesterday was skype day… My heart filttered and fluttered. My two precious granniebabies in sight makes my week. We chat for a while, and I catch up on their life. I learn that Mia can peel her own cooked egg now and Nona can name fish in English. She knows wale, dolphin, jellyfish and mantaray. Unbelievable. We changed my april Belgian holiday to June July holiday, which is a couple of months longer to wait, but I’l take it… Happenings ahead of us…


I wished I was oma living just around the corner…


Snow and Ice


In New Mexico… This is the view that greeted me this week. I still marvel over the view on a daily base. I will rekindle my blog life in February, I needed some settle in time in the States.
This month I hopefully will have the chance to see new life coming in to the world. All is well in New Mexico.
See you all soon!